Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Classes descriptions
Our Classes are non-heated.

Mellow Warm


Mellow Warm Flow is a class that incorporates gentle stretching and strengthening movements that are performed in a sequence, concentrating for maximum benefits on Breathing awareness helping to calm the mind allowing you to delve deeper into the stretches.
Perfect for beginners.

Hatha Yoga

Whether you are stepping on your mat for the first time or just want to go step by step through the basics of yoga, this hour is for you. The intent of this class is to make the practice accessible to everyone while building a solid foundation of breathing and alignment.

All levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga and Christian Meditations

Yin Yoga & Christian Meditation is a quiet meditative class with long, deep holding of passive poses. You will experience calm and peaceful balance in your mind and body, while through yin yoga poses target connective tissue nourishing joints, ligaments. This practice frees the fascia, balances the internal organs, and improves blood flow.
Beginners and those who want to slow down at their own pace are welcome!

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga class will take you down a smooth, slow body path, based on stretching your muscles and concentrating on the basic positions while sitting in a comfortable chair. 

This class is perfect for Those who work in an office all day, Seniors, Those experiencing mobility or balancing issues, Injures, etc.

It will help you find your center and regain flexibility.

Beginners are welcome.

Detox Vinyasa

Vinyasa Flow Detox Class,
Incorporate movements through a series of asanas (yoga poses). It is perfect for those who want to experience a sense of energetic physical movement while flowing from one pose to another.
Our Vinyasa Flow class is
not heated, which will not prevent you from sweating, on the contrary you will feel renewed, revitalized and your energy will flow strongly throughout your body.

Intermediate and advance yogis.

Buti Blend Yoga

Buti yoga is a great mood booster.
In class, we focus on creating an environment that allows students to be fully present in their body and not be tempted to judge or compare their movements with the person next to them. This is an amazing opportunity to get out of your head and connect with your body. This class awaken and tone the physical, emotional and energy centers of your body through primal movement, dynamic asana, and cardio-sprints.
All levels are welcome.

Full Body 

This powerful vinyasa yoga sequence will balance the strengthening and stretching of the entire body between standing, sitting, and on the floor postures. You will flow naturally and easily from one pose to another leaving you with the feeling that your whole body has received some love, and every cell is alive, noticing which parts of your body need a little more attention.

All levels are Welcome !

Uplifting Vinyasa

Uplifting vinyasa flow class will lift not only your body, mind, and spirit on a regular basis, but your heart as well. Through Yoga poses that you will hold for a few breaths, you will learn to let things go while stretching your entire body making a beautiful connection with yourself.

All levels are welcome.