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Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Yohanka M

Founder of Yoga 4 Your Heart Studio.

Hello, my name is Yohanka, I was born in Cuba-Havana. Since I was little I always had elasticity, so my mother enrolled me in a dance school and that's where my Journey began.

Years passed and I came to this wonderful country, which opened the doors to me with love and loyalty. Here I felt the freedom I did not have in my native country and I feel blessed for it.

There was a moment in my life when I went through a very difficult time and I remember taking my first yoga class and saying (oh, my God) this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

The connection that Yoga gives me with my Spirit, soul, body and God has no comparison.

After almost three and a half years practicing yoga, today I can thank God for allowing me to obtain my certification as a Yoga Teacher with YogaFaith, a wonderful Christian ministry that I recommend 100%.

Today I can realize my dream by opening my own Yoga Studio with the intention of uniting people in one heart.


Yohanka M
RYS 200 Hr Instructor Certificada de Yoga.

Hola, mi nombre es Yohanka, nací en Cuba-La Habana. Desde pequeña siempre tuve elasticidad, así que mi madre me inscribió en una escuela de danza y ahí es donde comenzó mi viaje.

Pasaron los años y llegué a este maravilloso país, que me abrió las puertas con amor y lealtad. Aquí sentí la libertad que no tenía en mi país natal y me siento bendecida por ello.

Hubo un momento en mi vida en el que pasé por una etapa muy difícil y recuerdo haber tomado mi primera clase de yoga y decir ( Dios mío) esto es lo que quiero hacer por el resto de mi vida.
La conexión que el Yoga me da con mi Espíritu, alma, cuerpo y Dios no tiene comparación.

Después de casi tres años y medio practicando yoga, hoy puedo agradecer a Dios por permitirme obtener mi certificación como profesora de Yoga con YogaFaith, un ministerio maravilloso que recomiendo al 100%.

Hoy puedo realizar mi sueño abriendo mi Estudio de Yoga con la intención de unir a las personas en un solo corazón.

Corie Lauremore

General Manager

My name is Corie Lauremore. I first became interested in yoga a couple of years ago, when I noticed I was losing my flexibility. I went to my first yoga class knowing nothing about yoga. I quickly learned that there are many different types of yoga. I like sampling from them all. My friend and Yoga 4 Your Heart Studio  owner suggested I become a certified yoga instructor. I laughed at first but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I became YogaRenew 200 hour yoga teacher certified on November 25, 2019. I look forward to growing as a teacher while helping you grow in your yoga practice.

Rosana Correa

Zumba Instructor

I'm Rosana Correa and i live in Palm Coast Fl, I've been a Zin Member since sep 2018 and i absolutely love teaching Zumba Classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! Started taking regular dancing classes called "Danceology" in NY at local gym, and fell in Love with it with my 1st class. I love to see the smiles and enjoyments in people faces. It gives me pleasure knowing that everyone is having fun! I am originally from Brazil and music and dancing is in my blood ! Dancing is a good way to express happiness and keep the mind and body. 

Anilda Carrasquillo

Yoga instructor

Anilda’s passion for yoga began in 2008 after attending her first yoga class in search of ways to relieve and to
cope with chronic back pain due to scoliosis and several injured discs in her spine. She quickly felt challenged
through yoga to improve her own physical strength, breathing capacity, and her ability to be calm and
concentrate the roaming tendencies of her mind. Anilda’s regular yoga practice has had a tremendous impact
in her ability to manage and relieve the pain and discomfort of her physical condition and its emotional side
effects. She uses her passion for yoga to inspire her students to live up to their fullest potential. She strongly
believes that yoga can be useful and beneficial to all and her goal is make yoga accessible to everyone. She
gravitates toward sharing the benefits of yoga with people who have physical limitations, various health issues,
and the fast-growing senior population.

Anilda’s teaching style and nurturing spirit offers a practice that is clear, precise, detailed, compassionate and
sensitive. She specializes in therapeutic applications of yoga to stay functional, release tension, stretch and
strengthen the body, relax the mind and lift the spirit. She understands how to modify the postures and
effectively designs safe, creative and enjoyable yoga sequences to make them accessible to virtually anyone
who wants to effectively incorporate yoga into their wellness routine.

Anilda incorporates Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation as part of her classes. She believes that
our breath is like a diamond and can be used to cut through all of the stress and external pressures the world
brings. “If you are able to use your own breath to relax, to stop anxiety and to develop a one point focus mind,
you will have more energy and a better sense of yourself.”
Anilda currently teaches vinyasa yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga and kundalini yoga at various locations in
Volusia County. She also offers private classes and will work with your individual needs to get you comfortable
with a yoga practice.

Anilda is a certified yoga teacher: RYT500 hours in compliance with the Yoga Alliance standards and Kundalini
Yoga KRI Level 1. She has also received a certificate of completion from the Duke Institute of Integrative
Medicine in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors.

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